Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye H5

**Update** March 16
This item has been sold

It's time to say goodbye to my Sony DSC H5 digi cam. I've had this camera for more than a year and its been the best one I've owned till now. Its up for sale along with the accessories mentioned below. Interested buyers contact me by email.

Sony DSC H5, 7.2 MPixel, 12x Zoom Carl Zeiss lens, 3 Inch LCD display.

Wide angle lens

Polarizing filter and anti glare filter

Extra sony batteries

Compact aluminium tripod

3 pieces memory stick; 4 GB, 2 GB and 512 MB

Sony photo printer

All items "made in Japan" and imported from Singapore.

Digital Camera Resource's DSC H5 review [link]
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