Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perfect weather in Kuwait

The weather here now is fantastic!! Its just around 24 degrees C and there's some clouds.

I can see the beach from my office window and man o man it looks so inviting right now I could rip off my clothes and dive right in! I hope it stays this way till the weekend.

Update: I guess I spoke too soon,

Now its fucking dusty again, oh well...

Another update: More fucking dust !! Talk about jinxes, I'm not posting about the weather any time soon. :)


jonyboy said...

I think you spoke too soon Mat.

When I came in the morning...the weather was picture perfect....but now.......its dusty....!!!!

Anonymous said...

wtf kuwait?
i got myself a darn allergy and of all the days at work, i need to go out today!!

what happened to winter this season?

Anonymous said...

u have an email address i can send you a forward?

Abid said...

Nice picture! Looks so inviting! Toronto is sitting at -10 for tomorrow :(

Mathai said...

jonyboy: yeah you can say that again! lol !
purple: this is normal weather in Kuwait, one minute its clear then the next DUST !!!

You can contact me on mathewj23@gmail.com

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