Saturday, March 14, 2009

I did it !!! NBK Walkathon Experience

I did it !! I completed NBK's 15th annual walkathon, a total distance of 8 Km in a little over an Hour.

Banana Chocolate Smoothie

We met at a common friend's place before flag off and downed a big glass of Banana Chocolate smoothie before we headed off to Scientific center.

Each age category was given a different color and flag off at different time intervals. Our group started the race at 1530 hours. The first 4 kilometers went by without a hitch but by the 5th Km marking I started to feel a little tired but I carried on and by the 6th Km post I was back in the game and before I knew it I reached the last Km mark ! The last Km went by quickly and I reached Green Island within the top 200.

Yeah my feet are kinda sore right now as I write this post but boy it sure feels good !!

With buddies SJ and PS

Ps. As usual there were a lot of morons out there on Gulf street showing off in their cars and weaving in between traffic. Although this is normal on Gulf street during the weekend, today was particularly dangerous as the participants of the race had to use parts of the road where the sidewalk wasnt enough.


Jonyboy said...

Congrats on your accomplishment.

You must have been weighing a kilo or 2 the finish line. No?

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: I wish it was that easy , but I burnt off a lot of calories. :)

Anonymous said...

it was good fun! i was there too! wierd thing abt the race which i dont know if u noticed was that a lot of people were jogging at different intervals which incidently was against the rules..! No one said nething about it and those people did get a head start :\ !

Mathai said...

Anon: I was in the white group and noticed some kids from the blue group jumping the line and joining us, They got a head start of 15 minutes ! Did the see the guys hitching rides in passing cars ? lol !

Anonymous said...

Sheesh ! a freind was tellin me he saw some guys walk a lil ...then take a drive in their freinds cars and get dropped off close to the finish line ..Argh! i took the race too seriously!

Rayboy said...

Heyyy... Congrats, thats a great achievement

Mathai said...

Anon: yeah but the volunteers noted down the names of the guys who did that and they might have been disqualified.

Rayboy: Thanks man !

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