Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aquarium cleaning

This is another one for my series on Taking care of your aquarium or "the Fishy Business" series. You can find the previous posts here [link]

Its recommended by most hobbyists to replace around 30% volume of water in a freshwater aquarium on a regular basis. I usually do it fortnightly. Replace more than that can create problems like fungus and high levels of ammonia. Its not a hard as many people think and cleaning a medium sized aquarium can be done in an hour's time.

1. Siphon out the water and dirt on the tank bed; for this I use a siphon pump and suck out the dirt much like using a vacuum cleaner.
2. Clean the tank ornaments and the sediments beneath them
3. Replace the sponge element in the filter
4. Wash the activated charcoal layer in the filter
5. Add some water cleaner/conditioner , commonly called "the blue stuff".
you can find their products here [link]

If you have a pump and aerator combined into a single unit then you would have to clean that out when the pump begins to lose power or when you notice lesser bubbles coming out of the aerator . Most pumps can be taken apart and assembled without detailed instructions or complex tools.

Separated parts

Complete (its like assembling a sniper rifle :) )

Thats it !


Jonyboy said...

Reminds of yester-years, when we used to keep fishes in the aquarium.

It was my sole duty to do the cleaning. Of course, my eldest daughter who was around 4 years old back then, used to help me out....mainly bcoz she wanted to see the fishes scramble for cover....under the plants n rocks, when I put in the pump. Like u...even we used to do it, on a fort-nightly basis.

Tat dis-assembled and assembled pictures, reminded me of the old 'Arni' movies.

PS: Arni = Arnold Schwaznegar (excuse the spelling).

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: isnt it convenient how the whole family enjoys watching the fish and when it comes to cleaning we guys have to do it ?
Yep I felt like Arnie too ! (Its spelled Arnie) :)

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