Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm lovin my D60

As many of you know, I got a new camera last week and I was itching to try it out this weekend and get a hang of its high end features. I got up at 4am and headed off to Gulf Road hoping to get some nice shots in the early morning but the 'hazy' weather played spoil sport once again and all I could manage was this;

So I had to satisfy myself with some indoor photography


Jonyboy said...

4 AM...????!!!
I can hardly remember the last time when I saw my digi-clock show tat (time) on its display.

Must admit, you are one helluva die-hard photography freak.

Btw...nice pitures Mat....esp the close-up of the corn cobs.

Abid said...

The corn is not bad...good shots!

Manoj said...

Nice Mathai

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: yeah sometimes you have to get up at odd hours to get some good natural lighting. :)

Abid and Manoj: thanks :)

Grey said...

Nice ! berry Nice !

Mathai said...

Grey: "tanks" =)

Bu Yousef said...

I LOVE the corn shot.
Congratulations Mathai.

Mathai said...

Bu Yousef: thank you and thanks for the mention on your blog. :)

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