Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend flower run

Last winter some of the plants in our window box were attacked by swarms of aphids and sadly enough we weren't able to save them. So this weekend my mission was replenish our little 'garden'. As usual it was a quick affair where we selected the plants, loaded them up into the car and returned home for some digging and planting.

Hope all goes well with this new batch although I doubt it if these delicate flowers would last once summer hits us with full force.

**These pictures are copyrighted, please do not use them without my permission**

You can visit my flickr page to see them in larger resolutions.


Jonyboy said...

Good luck with the fresh new 'beauties', Mat.

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: I hope they have more luck than the previous batch

Anonymous said...

great pics ! yummy corn too !

did you get the camera through amazon? is that worth it or would getting it locally make sense?

Mathai said...

I would suggest going to Ashraf & Co. to check out the merchandise in person and then try to get the lowest quote from them. In my case I had a friend coming back from the Far East, so I got it for a good price.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! I always end up buying way more than I intended! I can't help it! Impatiens (that is what we call those pretty little flowers; some call them Busy Lizzie) don't do well in the heat, but in this climate, they can actually self seed and come back year after year. In Florida, I had them carpeting a shady area. They need lots of water, and they don't like full sun. :-)

I hate aphids!

Mathai said...

intlxpatr: I let my wife or mom take care of buying the flowers. I just water them :)
I thought these flowers were called Periwinkles, maybe I was mistaken

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