Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its here !

My Nikon D60 kit arrived today ! I just got it this evening and am too tired to take any shots with it right now. I've plugged in the battery to get a full charge and attached the kit lens (18-55mm VR) that came along with it. Keep watching this space for more updates on my new baby :)


Anonymous said...

Is that something a novice can handle or will I need a PhD to help me get by?
I am sort of interested in photography - more keen on getting great pics of my kids etc etc.. and have sort of grown out of the auto-focus thingy !

Mathai said...

purple: you'll be happy to know that the newer mid range SLR's have a 'full auto' function which functions just like a point and shoot. Later on when you get comfortable enough you can venture into manual territory.

I would suggest you start a flickr account and post some of your photos there. Its a great place to learn. Here's my page ;

Anonymous said...

Mathai - what I was looking at was something beyond the standard autofocus with which I take pics of my family at home (indoor light) etc. etc..
I currently use a very basic Panasonic digital camera - DMC FX12. The pity is I just
can't get a decent indoor picture with it.. all the snaps seem to develop a blur if done without the flash.. and with the flash it tends to look very artifical !
Define mid-range in Dinar terms please!

Rayboy said...

no matter how much i would love to get into the photography thingy. but the heavy cameras seem to tire me out. i have the sony f828 with me and i get bored after clicking for an hour.

Bu Yousef said...

Congratulations Mathai.
This machine is in good hands... Can't wait to see some images.

Mathai said...

purple: the problem with smaller cameras is that they pump up the ISO to a high level when you're shooting indoors or in low light, end result.. you get grainy pictures. The reason the picture are blurred maybe due to a lower shutter speed. In that case place the camera on a tripod on a table and then set timer to take the shot.
Mid-range SLR's would cost around 250KD
You could also try a high end point and shoot like a Canon S1 IS or a Sony H5. You could have bought mine but its already sold :(

Ray: Dont worry Ray, we'll do some shooting this year. Cajie might also join us :)

Bu Yousef: Thank you Bu Yousef. I'm flattered :)

Anonymous said...

Mathai - I started doing a bit of browsing - why didn't you go for Canon EOS XS 1000D?

My better half demands that I go in for a fancy digital camcorder instead.. i still sit with a vintage classic sony that records on tape ! yeah.. am a digitally challenged. Plus my youngest kid just turned four and I haven't had very many videos of her growing pains !
Budgetary constraints will force me to opt for one of the two !!

Mathai said...

I'm a Nikon man and already own a Nikon FM10 and 35-70mm Nikkor lens. And plus I like the design of the Nikons and build quality.
If you have a camcorder that uses Mini DV tape I suggest you keep using it as the HDD camcorders are crap(unless you buy an HD camcorder for 300+KD) From my experience DV tape has better quality than HDD.

I personally dont take a lot of videos, thats why I had the H5, coz it good pictures and I sometimes used it as a camcorder. If you have budgetary constraints now I suggest one of the cameras mentioned in my post above(or the newer versions of the same) :)

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