Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover and Good Friday

Have a nice weekend guys

Traditional Passover fare


Grey said...

Happy Easter ... God bless you and your family

Bu Yousef said...

Happy Easter Mathai.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter !!

Mathai said...

Grey: Thanks and wish you the same.

Bu Yousef: thank you :)

purple: Happy Easter ! Hope you had a good feast :)

Jonyboy said...

A belated Easter wishes to you n ur family, Mat. Btw, is tat a cake tat u baked?
How did u get the 'cross' sign on it?
And where's my share....????

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: Thanks Jonyboy and wish you the same, the unleavened cake that you see on the left was made by my mother-in-law, and my mom bought the one with the cross from a local bakery. I'm afraid there wasnt much left.. we were sooo hungry after service. :D

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