Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Qualitynet blocking torrents again

I just got off the phone with Qualitynet customer care to complain about my lousy download speeds when they informed me that they're putting a limit on download speed till some "issue" is resolved. Till then we have to suffer with horribly long ETA's on our downloads :(
Boo Qualitynet !

update: 21:00 hrs.
Looks like speeds are back to normal, maybe their "issue" is over now. :)


Anonymous said...

get an FT coniction and use this proxy,
Proxy: Port: 49152

It only works on FT connection, i think its their own and they give it to VIP clients

Rayboy said...

i will give you a solution tomorrow...will call you

Anonymous said...

What on earth happened to aXXo??

Mathai said...

theadrenalinefix: thanks man I'll try it, my Qnet conn. expires in May and I'll be moving to Fasttelco.

Ray: ok dude, will wait for your call.

purple: looks like axxo is maintaining a low profile nowadays but you can still see some uploads coming thru. Also look for uploads from 'kaxxon'. Its just as good. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm becoming a fan of fxg.. will give kaxxon a try..

fxg mostly manages to attain 10/10 on audio and video

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