Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Da Vinci (Arabic) code

This is dedicated to all the expats in Kuwait and Middle East who get confused when chatting with their Arab friends. I'm talking about the numbers that are used in place of certain sounds. For example you might see something like this "7alla" or "6alabat". What prompted me to write this post was when one of my friends kept referring to 'Six-al-abat" which makes no sense ! :)
Let me break it down to you

2 = "A"
3 = "Ain"
5 = "Kha"
6= "Tha"
7= "Ha"
9= "Sa"

Update: Soon after posting this I came across this on Yahoo Answers where there's a much more detailed answer from a more knowledgeable person
Yahoo Answers [link]

Update: A reader just sent me an even better link from Wikipedia [link]
Thanks Abid !


Abid said...

My good sir

Theres an even better one on Wikipedia.

Abid said...

Ignore the "lebanese arabic" part...

Mathai said...

Thanks man, updated post

Hussain said...

Dude wtf is 7alla? That's not even a word!

Mathai said...

I have no fucking clue, I've seen it in a lot of places so I'm guessing its a word :)

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