Saturday, May 16, 2009

New shows

This month I added a couple of new shows to my watch list;

This is an awesome series that's a cross between The X-files and some of those forensics dramas like CSI. The acting can be boring or too wooden sometimes but the sci fi bits are really cool.

Fringe at [link]

The Mentalist
A detective series, but with a guy whos a real brainiac and a psychic .

Mentalist at [link]

Also watching

Family Guy Season 7

24 Season 6 (just one more season to go!)

and I just finished Top Gear Season 12 (the Vietnam special was fantastic) [link]


Abid said...

I currently watch the Office, House, Lie to Me, and Family Guy.

If you haven't seen it yet, I think you will like Lie to Me if you like House (and seeing you like Fringe and the Mentalist, I think you will like Lie to Me).

Mathai said...

Thanks I'll check it out, I remember one of my friends mentioning Lie to me but then forgot about it.

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