Thursday, May 21, 2009

Iraqi driver's license ??

Got this in the mail today... is this for real ?? ROFL !

Click on image to enlarge


razaldo said...

the stamp looks like its croat - it says 'hrvatska'
which is croatia in croatian
looks like an adobe photoshop beginners prank - just showing off newly acquired skills
funny none the less

Anonymous said...

The holder's surname does'nt one bit sound Iraqi!! Its likely a Zagreb issued licence to an Afghani dressed Iranian women who resides in Iraq !!! I need a redbull now.
Wonder if she had the eye test.

Mathai said...

razaldo: You know croatian ??
I thought it might have been from Uzbek or Kazak region.

purple: Nice theory.. what if she's blind and doesnt need the eye test ? :P

Abid said...

"Fatima Ayisha"

Sounds like a prank.... Very few Shiites (which she is judging by her last name) would be named Ayisha.

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