Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angels & Demons - Review

Being a fan of the books by Dan Brown I must say that I had a small doubt in the back of mind whether the movie would be as good. The thing I like about Dan Brown's books are the level of detail and vivid portrayal of the history behind certain events or situations and this could also be why a lover of his books would be left hungry for more after watching the screen adaptation.

Overall this is a very well executed movie with references to all the points made in the novel although the writers had to hurry thru most of them since time is a factor in the movie business. Having said that , this movie is quite long and runs over 2 and a quarter hours with certain parts feeling a little slow in pace.

I'd recommend this movie if you're too lazy to read the book but if you're a book worm... READ THE NOVEL FIRST !

Angels & Demons at IMDB [link]

Book tickets here [link]


Manal said...

I liked it


Mathai said...

I liked it too, but not as much as the book :)

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