Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is there something wrong with the water ?

Whats up with all the water filter salesmen in Kuwait recently? Every other day theres a guy at the door selling one of those multi-stage, reverse osmosis water purifiers. I let the guy do his demonstration once and he went on to test the water in my house with a little electronic device and told me there was a lot of dirt and dissolved solids in the tap water here.

In all my life in Kuwait I’ve never had any issues with the quality of water, sure sometimes there may be too much chlorine in it but water borne diseases are unheard of. How many times have you heard of a cholera or jaundice outbreak in Kuwait?

All these salesmen claim that there are lots of microbes in the water that need to be removed with reverse osmosis and that the water we drink from the tap is full of harmful minerals and chemicals.

What I want to know is if there is a testing facility in Kuwait that can provide an unbiased water purity test or whether there’s a government agency that performs these tests on a regular basis. Any readers out there who can provide more information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Water borne illnesses [link]
Report about water in Kuwait [link]

I use a water filter with a clay filter, do I really need a high end water purifier ? Use the new opinion poll to vote.


mario said...

you need to add one more option in the poll for those who prefer to buy bottled water :)

Mathai said...

mario: its too late now, coz one person has already voted. It wont let me edit/add fields. :(

Grey said...

lol ! one salesman found chemicals in bottled water also, he was insisting that i should buy the 200KD worth machine.. i showed him the door anyways ... But i know someone who bought this machine recently ...

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