Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creative Zen Xfi- Review

Ive had this player for about a month I’m really impressed with it. This the Creative Zen Xfi with wireless Lan, 16GB. It’s primarily an mp3 and video player and hosts a whole lot of extras.
I’m one of those types who love to drag and drop files into my directories rather than allow software to ‘sync’ my player and computer. One of my gripes with devices like the iPod were that they didn’t allow the freedom to drag and drop files.

Heres a quick look at the specs
16 GB capacity
2.5 Inch LCD with 16 million colors
FM radio
Wireless LAN and media streaming from Creative Media Server (I still haven’t used this feature)
Expandability with SD card slot

Very light and compact
Good battery life
Sound and video quality is impressive
Drag and drop files to player, recognized in Windows as a external storage device/media player
Plug and play on windows without the need for special drivers or software
In –ear earphones are good but bass response is lower than open air types
No jerkiness or video lag even for large files

Buttons are placed together and I press the wrong buttons sometimes
External card is not integrated into the main menu and you have to access the card separately
The glossy front attracts a lot of fingerprints
Wireless LAN not really a useful feature and I could have done without it
Doesn’t come with a power charger, it comes with a USB cable to charge via USB
All in all it’s a neat player and I recommend it.

Digit geek [link]

Anything but iPod[link]


Razaldo said...

how does its sound recording perform?
i am looking at a samsung T10 purely from the sound recording perspective.

Mathai said...

I tried it a couple of times to check the microphone sensitivity and the sound quality was really good. The mic can be a little too sensitive so dont keep your fingers near it or brush against it. I mainly use my Samsung YP-T7 for recording via mic or line-in.

Razaldo said...

How much did you pick it up for? X-Cite is retailing T10 for KD 60, which honestly seemed steep at that time, but I checked online and the rates are the same for a 4 GB T10.

Mathai said...

which one? the Zen? I have no idea, it was a birthday gift from my wife :D
I think I saw the 16GB version on Amazon for $199. Some of the items in Excite are priced competitively so buying from Amazon doesnt have a benefit since you pay for shipping as well

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