Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Useful software

I recently had to restore the factory image on one of my computers recently since the DVDRW was acting up and I had exhausted all methods to bring it back to life. Unfortunately the only way was to restore the factory image which is almost like a re-format of the whole machine. (The drive works perfectly now by the way)

One of the chores I have to go thru when I format my PC is reinstalling all the little softwares I had running on it. Here are some of the essential items I have on my system;

Free AVG Antivirus [link]

Irfanview image browser [link]

Winamp music player [link]

Bittorent [link]

From one of my previous posts a few friends asked me about playing .mkv files on their pcs and for this I use a codec pack from CCCP
CCCP codecs [link]

Now for some non-essential yet useful software

File unlocker [link]

Marxio Timer [link]

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