Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wansa VT 9010 - Review

Most people in Kuwait are familiar with the 'Wansa' brand thanks to heavy marketing by Alghanim Electronics. Although Wansa is a relatively new entrant in the home electronics market it seems to have captured a significant market share with its reasonable pricing and long feature list. Why am I saying all this ?? Well, for the past decade or more cordless phones in our household were always Panasonic. Over the years we've used a lot of different models and never really thought of straying from it... until now.

Meet the Wansa VT 9010 cordless telephone. I was kinda skeptical about the Wansa brand and thats why I'm writing this review almost 6 months after I bought the phone..coz I expected it to go bust in a month. Guess I was wrong !

What I like:
. Slim and sexy design
. Can sync more than one handset to a single base unit
. 300+ contacts phone book
. Good menu and interface
. Great sound quality and loud speakerphone
. Ni-MH batteries instead of Ni-Cad
. Reasonable price

What I dont like
. High glossy body that attracts fingerprints and scratches easily
. Doesnt have a 'Flash option' to quickly disconnect the line
. Messed up text input system and no T-9 dictionary or similar option

There's one with an answering machine built-in which is around 18KD while this model is 12KD

Wansa Alghanim [link]


Anonymous said...

I have the same one too..but with the answering machine...and its fab !!

Mathai said...

Anon: yes its a nice phone

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