Tuesday, May 05, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine - Review

Let me begin by saying... I am soooo glad I didn't download the unfinished movie unlike the millions of impatient guys out there. This is one hell of a movie and I'm waiting for the DVD to come out later this year so that I can see it again and again.

Gone are the days when movies based on comic books would be considered childish and nerd oriented. Wolverine's complex history and background are very skillfully depicted in the opening scenes and so too is his relationship with Victor Creed aka Sabretooth. This movie manages to satisfy both comic book fans and new comers to the X-men Universe. I cant write much more without giving away spoilers so go out there and watch this movie.


Razaldo said...

the censors did not butcher the movie?

Mathai said...

Razaldo: they did unfortunately
1. kiss at the lumber yard
2. kiss on the mountain top in the morning
3. night time intimate scene where she tells the story of the moon and wolverine

Razaldo said...

the kissing scenes are not essential parts of the movie (unless you are watching the princess and the frog) most of the times - so that is ok

but the third point, i guess i will wait until i can get a dvd from abroad

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