Sunday, May 03, 2009

Is Twitter for you ??

Yeah this is just what we needed ! another medium to let people know you've just farted or are down in the dumps coz your girl friend left you since you were too busy texting, chatting, facebook'ing and tweeting to notice her. Sheesh ! Twitter seems to be spreading like a virus now, almost anyone with an internet connection seems to be on this latest fad.

The question is.. do we really need to know that you just had a tuna and mayo sandwich or that the itch you had in your groin turned out to be Crabs ? What ever it maybe I don't think the average person would like to update something every now and then with mundane everyday happenings. I see potential with a Rock group for example.. coz you can keep track of the cities they are hitting and so on but for common man Joe ? Nah !

Haven't heard of Twitter??.. well, crawl out from under that rock and click this [link]


mario said...

So what is your twitter id?

Mathai said...

dont have one yet :P

Bu Yousef said...

It doesn't have to all be mundane.... I now update both Facebook and Twitter together. I share silly things like you describe above - and sometimes other things that don't fit into the photography blog that I write... I have the updates at the bottom on my blog page.

Let me know when you eventually join :)

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