Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SE W810i software update

I've been experiencing a lot of white screens, hanging and other completely random behavior from my Sonyericsson mobile and figured now would be the time to give it a much needed software update.

The frustrating thing now with the SE support page is that you cannot get to your specific model easily from the main menu and have to resort to googling the download link and then downloading it.. talk about a pain in the ass.

The steps:

1. Install SE PC suite
2. Install SE Update manager
3. Fully charge phone
4. Remove and insert battery into phone
5. Plug the data cable into any of the PC's USB ports
6. While holding down "C" plug the data cable into your mobile
7. Release "C" when prompted on screen
8. Wait for update to finish and flash the software
9. When prompted, remove the phone, turn back on and run the setup wizard (like starting with a new phone)

The phone works fine for now, I'll post an update later on if any of the issues have been fixed.

W810i software download [link]

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