Saturday, July 04, 2009

Britelite Wazp LED Flashlight

I was checking out some LED flashlights today at the department store and came across this rather nice model. Its a Britelite Wazp. I always thought Britelite was a cheap knock off of Maglite but it looks and feels a hundred times better than some Chinese brand flashlights.

In the box you get; a Wazp flashlight body, battery charger, battery pack and an instruction manual.

. 1 watt led
. Runs on two NiCad rechargeable batteries
. Aircraft grade aluminium body (really ?)
. Long range and long life
. Charging time 5 hours
. Running time 1 hour

What I like:
. Bright white light
. Light spread is very sharp and focused
. Feels more expensive than it really is
. Light and easy to handle

What I dont like:
. I cannot change the beam spread like I can on a Maglite

Price : 6.000 KD


Name is Bond said...

Completely out of context, but can you let me know what corporate anti virus are u using??

Mathai said...

Trend Micro

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