Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tv watchlist

I've finished off most of the shows on my list and now its time to bring in some new ones.. well the shows on my new list are not actually new but ones which I didn't get the chance to watch earlier.

The Twilight Zone

I was a big fan of the new version when it aired on KTV2 in the 80's. I've managed to get a hold of the original series by Rod Serling which aired from 1959 to 1964. Its a fantastic series and anyone who calls himself a Sci-fi fan should watch it. There are 156 episodes in total and I'm gonna enjoy everyone of them.

Sci-fi TV [link]

The Big Bang Theory

I heard about this series from my friend JJ. Its a sitcom about a couple of nerds living next door to a chick and the situations they' encounter. I normally dont watch silly sitcoms but since I've been watching too many serious stuff recently I'll use this to relax my mind. [link]


Once again this is not a new show but came up on my watch list. Its about a geek who gets the world's greatest spy secrets implanted into his brain by his buddy who works in the CIA. This might be interesting. [link]


mario said...

Chuck is awesome. It should be at the top of your list! Both seasons!

Big Bang is pretty good but moves at a slower pace.

Mathai said...

yeah Chuck is very interesting, I'll be sure to get season 2 as well. :)

Abid said...

Chuck is good but at times a little unbelievable or cheesy (especially for an IT guy like yourself I'd think).

And the season was sort of stretched out longer than it should have been, but I watched reruns of the show daily on AXN on my trip to Pakistan, and thus got addicted to it :)

Mathai said...

I just started watching it, yes its kinda crazy but its ok

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