Saturday, July 18, 2009

BSNL Cellone Excel

I got this new connection from BSNL cellone as my old number had expired. Its a good option for NRIs if your visit to India is not very frequent and you want to maintain the same mobile number.

Starting charge: RS 499
Talktime: RS 400
Validity: 3 years !!!

So now I don't have to worry about an expired pre-paid connection.

BSNL mobile [link]


Q8NRI said...

Hey Mathew, I wrote a long comment and then observed that this comment textbox doesnt support edit, copy or paste functions....very annoying :( I cannot use my arrow keys too....

Anyways, to make long comment short, you got a good deal but also check Airtel, they offer unlimited net usage for Rs 200/month. But, speeds are dial up types. Do check it out. Regarding validity, you can always recharge Airtel from their website.


Q8NRI said...

OK, found out a fix. It seems you have to make your comment first and then select your profile. The last time I commented, I first selected my profile and then it was allowing me to type but wasnt allowing me copy, paste or even using arrow keys.

No issues dude but it can cause a confusion :)

Anonymous said...

how long did it take for you to get the connection. I heard there are long waiting queues and procedures for BSNL

Mathai said...

Q8NRI: I'll just be using this connection when I'm here so that i wont have to make calls from my kuwait number. BSNL offers upto 5MB free on GPRS but I didnt ask about 3G since I dobt have a 3G phone (BSNL has 3G!!!!)

mentabolism: it took me approx 15 mins to get the SIM card in my hand and the connection was activated in less than 2 hours !

No long queues and procedures, just a proof of ID and a photocopy of the same :)

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