Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kingfisher chicken

First off I'd like to thank Dr. Vijay Mallya for making one of the best beers in the world. Even though I've had a lot of other brands of beer, a chilled bottle of KF has a special place in my heart. As some people already might know, beer can quench your thirst and be used as an excellent marinade!

As usual more pictures and less talk.

You need:

2 chickens quartered (or 1/8ths depending on the size)
Half a packet of chicken masala
Half a packet of Ginger Garlic paste
Salt and Pepper
2 bottles of Kingfisher Beer (one for the chicken and one for you)

How to:

Score the chicken pieces with a sharp knife and pat dry. Mix the curry powder,salt,pepper and ginger garlic paste in a bowl then slowly add the beer in small amounts. The mixture will be frothy and the consistency of a cake mixture. Now pour it over the chicken pieces and thoroughly coat them. Cover and set aside for atleast 4-5 hours.

Get the coals nice and red hot then grill them till the juices run clear from the chicken. Enjoy !


Q8NRI said...


You are one lucky guy. Also saw your Chivas post. It will be wrong if I say that I am not jealous...:P

Enjoy your stay!

Kingfisher World said...

Excellent! We need to try this ourselves.

Got any more Kingfisher beer recipes?

Team Kingfisher

Anonymous said...

like making fish n chips....

Anonymous said...

Mathai Mathavillla...

Mathai said...

Q8NRI: thanks ! I'm a lucky SOB

Team KF: thanks ! I know of another recipe that involves Pork and Beer but I havent tried it.

mentabolism: yes almost

Anon: heheheh!

Karan said...

Trying this tonight.

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