Sunday, August 02, 2009

48 hours in the Capital

Towards to the end of our vacation, my wife and I spent a night and day in the Capital, New Delhi. It was'nt my first visit to this city and I personally prefer Delhi over Bombay since the roads are better,there isnt so much congestion and it doesnt stink as much as Bombay.

The highlight of our trip was a ride on the Metro system and we spent a couple of hours traveling both ways along the circuit. According to people who've traveled on the 'Tube' in UK, its the exact same system, right down to the announcements.

Here's the deal;
You enter a metro station, buy your token, swipe it at the gates and get on the train. When you reach your destination just drop your token at the exit gates and continue on your merry way ! Its the best way to beat the city traffic. If you're a frequent traveller you can get a swipe card that you can use for a specified period of time.

Warning: Photography is prohibited at the Metro Station and on platforms. But nobody bothers you if you're using a mobile phone camera. Are the terrorists paying any attention to this ?

We also visited a Gurudwara near where we stayed which we later on found out was the biggest in Delhi. At the entrance a friendly Sikh guy gave us instructions on what to do and dress code inside.
. Both men and women have to cover their heads when going in.
. Remove footwear and deposit it at the locker room.
. Wash hands, feet and face at the water taps leading to the courtyard.

You can move around freely and take in all the sights at your own time. I didnt take take any photos inside since there were prayers going on at the time.


Q8NRI said...

Hey Mathew,

Thanks dude for the pics. Having born and brought up in this feels great to see such wonderful pics. And yes, I love the Delhi Metro. I make it a point whenever I am in Delhi to just travel in it with my family for nostalgic reasons :)

Thanks again for the pics.....

Anonymous said...

The last time I was in Delhi it was still being built... So I went all the way to London and tried the tube. :) The system is just can't go wrong.

Photography is banned on all forms of rail travel.

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