Saturday, August 01, 2009

Veli Lagoon and Beach

I wanted to show my wife around a few places in Trivandrum coz shes new here so we headed off to Veli one evening to watch the sunset. Since my last visit here, a lot of sculptures from the artist Kunjuraman have sprung up all around the resort area, (he's either a genius or a lunatic.. maybe both!!)

There isnt much you can do there, just stroll around the place, have some refreshments and then wait for the sun to set, but it was time well spent with the family.

WARNING: Do not take photographs after the second bridge towards the city. Its a restricted military zone as it houses the ISRO. How do I know all this ? coz as I was taking photos this police patrol boat comes out of nowhere and gave me a warning to turn off the camera and walk away ( this is my second brush with the cops :) )

Enjoy the pictures...

Final Moments
For those of you who'd like to visit the place, here it is on the map. Wikimapia [link]


Name is Bond said...

Mr.Kaanaaai Kunjiraman has a particular liking to the female anatomy!

All his work shouts about that!!!

Q8NRI said...

Second brush with the cops....

Maybe you have "I am a NRI" written all over your face? :P

Anyways, great pictures dude!

Elegant Chic said...

Nice shots! :)
Ur cup of tea pic is amazing! Loved it! :D

Abid said...

Great shots! South India looks beautiful!

Mathai said...

Name is Bond: hehe yeah he has a weakness for it.. so do I but not like this !

Q8NRI: maybe, thanks dude

Elegant Chic: thanks !

Abid: yep it sure is !

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