Monday, August 10, 2009

Dangerous Homo's

Recently the Government of India legalized Gay Sex and the amount of media buzz it generated was huge ! There were press comments from religious leaders, political leaders and other prominent members of society about how Indian culture and society was about to do down the toilet coz now two members of the same sex can have some quality time without getting a bum rap (is that even a pun ? I dont know!)

Anyway, the comments from our country's ignorant millions were fun to read.. let me print a few here as I recollect them from memory. My comments are in brackets.

1. This is against our culture ( where does it say so ? is there a rule book ?)

2. Homosexual relations is a western thing (tell that to the millions of desi bhais who don't give a damn about the west)

3. Now that its legal everyone will start doing it ! (I was in India last month on vacation and I still had straight sex, so who are these people who will 'start doing it' just coz its legal ??)

4. If you spend time with 'them' you'll become one yourself (c'mon, its not a virus)

5. Now all the young fashionable people will do 'it' coz its the trend (really ? I wouldn't have gay sex no matter how 'trendy' it is)

6. Homosexuals cannot donate blood or organs ( WTF ?? neither can a straight person if he has some communicable disease)

I've had enough of of this hype.. all this anti-gay propaganda is another form of racism. Why the hell should someone be bothered about his neighbor's sexual preference ? Then there are a lot of people who say gay people hit on everyone, well.. so do straight horny guys. I've known a few gay people and even worked with a gay European designer on a project here in Kuwait and I'm still straight ! (see ? its not contagious!)

The thing that got me writing this post is the picture that you see at the top of this page ! This is outrageous ! How does Gay Sex become a threat to national security ? I think its a picture from a protest that took place in the United States.

update: I found a better picture of the same poster on Flickr [link]


L o r d R a j said...

Thanks for putting up the post. Nice to see someone being sensible about it.


just because smoking is legal (thank god for small mercies), doesn't mean that everyone smokes!

I consider myself to be smart, the guys in the office spend about 4-6 hrs with me on every working day.. don't see them becoming smart like me.. and neither have I turned into an idiot by being with them.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao.. apni akal ladaao.

Sadly.. AKAL seems to be in short supply. sigh.. hota hai, chalta hai, duniya hai.

Manoj Pillay said...

Well said mathai... i completely agree with you...

you dont like it, you dont do it! stop there... you cannot intrude any further...

Anonymous said...

Wow.. some heavy stuff... ?

My five cents worth and with all due respect to a bloke called Joseph Francis who came out with this all inclusive gem.. "As long as society is anti-gay, then it will seem like being gay is anti-social"

Ansam said...

Interesting! And I like how you responded to each of the points above hehehe

Name is Bond said...

Hey Mathai! This is some posting (social responsibility types)!!

Well i am not against these "Gay" lives, but to make it legal, I am not so sure. These people have existed since Stone Age; it’s just that they didn’t come to the public glare. But making it legal is sort of confusing especially while growing up. The teenagers pass through a certain stage in their life, when they are unsure about their sexuality; they are discovering themselves and their preferences. Before there was strict guidelines which said you have to be straight, but now they have the option of going the "other way". The legality of the matter doesn’t really matter to the adults who already have made their choice, let it be straight or gay, but think about the generation next. I would be embarrassed to find men cuddling men or say girls doing the same when I visit a public place with my family all in the pretext of it being legal. I hate the same when a man and woman do the same in public.

My question is if they make Gay Sex legal, what happens to the sex out of wedlock? So are we reaching a stage where we are going to make prostitution legal? Let me put the brakes on, am going out of control….

Mathai said...

L o r d R a j: Thanks, and thank god stupidity is not contagious :D

Manoj Pillay: thanks Pillacha

purple : I've not heard of this person, is he an Indian celebrity ?

Ansam: thanks !

Name is Bond: I dont think 'strict guidelines' will influence a person's sexual orientation (I'm using the term sexual orientation not sexual preference, both are different)

When it comes to public displays of affection some people are disgusted by a straight couple making out on a park bench, same applies to a homosexual couple.

Name is Bond said...

There is a thin line between "sexual orientation" and "sexual preference",but young people are impulsive to make a decision. The point is at the heat of the moment if one tries out the gay way, he might risk being tagged as being gay all his life,even if he tried it only once.

My point is even before you legalize such things the youth should be given proper information about such things. Why the haste in legalizing, we have a lot of other things that could have been undertaken as a precursor of legalizing Gay rights. Do we have a proper sex education system in our schools? Do we have answers on why there is no proper mechanism for that? Every one plays the blame game, be it the religions or the organizations. Kids or say youth should be made aware of the changes in their body as well as there possible preferences, more like pros and cons of such things. Instead of doing something worthwhile at the grassroots level, there is no point in doing something in haste.

Name is Bond said...

As such i dont oppose the whole idea, but i seriously think that our society has not reached a certain level to absorb this.

L o r d R a j said...

I had put up a similar post sometime last month.

Name is Bond would put it all up here as well, in response to your comments.

Here is the link.

If you have the time and / or the interest, please go through the post and the comments.

Mathai said...

C'mon Bond, our society is mature enough to handle this and more (and has done for centuries)
The problem is that a select group of individuals like politicians, community leaders act like they're in charge of the morals of the whole country.

LordRaj, thanks for the links, nice reading material

L o r d R a j said...

Mathai - Glad you liked it.. even more happy that someone bothered to read it :D

Name is Bond said...

On a lighter note!! are you looking for the reason why dinosaurs got extinct!!
in those times gay sex was legalized & all dinos turned gay n lesbian and in the end they forgot to procreate and when the realized their folly it was too

Bu Yousef said...

It's not a threat to national security - of course not... but...

Park aside law, culture, traditions, religion and all those 'schools' that oppose anything and everything gay. Logically (and I appreciate my logic is mine, and is affected by the list above) it doesn't feel/look/sound natural. Full stop.

Discrimination - IN ALL ITS FORMS - is simply unacceptable. However so is being unable to voice an opinion because it may offend! So here is mine:

I am against discrimination against gay people. As a citizen of the world, I tolerate homosexuality, yes, but I do not (and will not) accept that it is something people are born with!

Mathai said...

BU Yousef: I fully appreciate the views and sentiments of the readers here. I appreciate your tolerance and I hope others do too. The fact is that in many third world countries people who engage in this lifestyle often meet with hostility and hate. This is simillar to apartheid or hatred based on color/religion.

L o r d R a j said...

Bu Yousef: TOLERANCE.. being the key word.

As long as you are tolerant, it's fine.

accepting it or the cause of it.. I believe depends on personal opinion / experiences / understanding.

And that is very well covered by a simple statement - To each his own.


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