Monday, August 10, 2009

Nikon D5000 at Ashraf and Co.

I helped one of my friends pick out a new camera last weekend while we were at Ashraf and Co. They had just received the new D5000 and we bought it along with a tripod, extra batteries and an 8GB high speed SD card. They dropped a Caselogic SLR pouch into the bag to sweeten the deal.

We just had time to unbox the thing but havent played around with it yet.

Nikon D5000 with rotating LCD

Ashraf and Co. website [link]


Name is Bond said...

What about the Price?

Mathai said...

It was around 310 but we got a discount.

Bu Yousef said...

Congratulations. Nice camera - I saw it in London.

Nikon needs a better agent here!

I asked for a lens hood to replace a broken one. First they tried to convince me they only come with the lens! (and looked at me like I'm from a different planet) - then they refused to even consider ordering it from Nikon! I would have paid in advance incl freight charges... but no!

I buy EVERYTHING out of Kuwait - and now I will not even consider buying a memory card from them. The product is the same worldwide. Service is what differentiates a good shop from bad.

Check out this shop - their service is one of the best (if not THE BEST) in the world for Nikon.

Mathai said...

Bu Yousef: sadly enough customer service isnt something to look forward to when buying something from Kuwait,unfortunately my friend had no other option. As for me, I get my stuff from outside Kuwait :)

I'm just going thru that website now.. WOW !! these guys are real pros ! :O

Abid said...

It's a great camera, but it's no Canon ;)

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