Monday, August 10, 2009

These young men!

Last weekend I went out with my friends to 360 mall coz one of them wanted to buy some clothes and accessories from Marks and Spencer but since we're all hot blooded young men, it didnt quite turn out that way. To make things short this is what happened...

Mathai: hey guys lets check out Toy 'r' us and Geant first !
Others: oh alright, you wanna buy some toys right ? still playing with toys ?? *snickers*
Mathai: uh yeah right !

Summary of the events afterward

Young pretty helpful sales girl + 4 young men = lots of shopping bags

My friends bought more stuff than I did !!!


L o r d R a j said...

Too bad not everyone understands. These aren't just TOYS!

Besides.. pretty / helpful and pretty helpful salesgirls (smart way of typing that out, btw) most of the times are reason enough.

Now.. pretty helpful OR pretty and helpful sales girls along with Toys.. WHAT A COMBO!

Mathai said...

Exactly ! they're not toys although nowadays its hard to find good tuff to satify the serious collector.

Toys + cute salesgirl is a killer combo ! :D

aquariius said...

its my sons fav store... did u guys check out the "Cars" section they have, OMG!

Mathai said...

aquariius: check out the first picture on this post.. thats the first place we went to ! :)

aquariius said...

i meant the animated movie "Cars" - lightning mcqueen, mater, sally and the gang - nice collection they have :) anyways, i like 360 coz of its sense of space, (& the LED wall) nicely designed mall :)

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