Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is in the air

violet flowers

There are many kinds of people in this strange world of ours. Autumn people, summer people, winter people etc etc. What is it about these people that classify them into seasons? Is it their moods? Attitudes? Or even compatible fabric colors? I must admit, I’m not a seasonal person; I don’t change my moods according to the season. You can rest assured that 365 days a year (366 days if it’s a leap year :)) I'll be the same person. Yeah that’s right, I'll be just as blunt, arrogant and headstrong no matter what time of year it is. ;)

I can imagine the Earth having mood swings what with all the Tsunamis and earth quakes, but somewhere in the middle of all this chaos and destruction there’re patches of beauty that make life worth living. This weekend the weather was just beautiful, I spent the whole of Friday at an amusement park and the following Saturday at the beach. The water was fantastic. And in both places I couldn’t help but notice the flowers exploding in a riot of colors. That’s a clear enough signal that Spring is here!! I’m not a flower buff I just like to shoot them that’s all so don’t ask me what kind of flowers they are!

I’ll share my pictures with you now and let them do the talking

multi colored bunch

violet flowers again !!

experimenting with DOF

pink flowers

yellow flowers

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