Monday, January 12, 2009

African Beaches

Yup, they're selling African Beaches in CityCenter @ 1.25 KD/Kg


Anonymous said...

LOL ! far cheaper than the Dubai Palm !

I'll have 2 kilos.. er.. two kilometres please !

Jonyboy said...

Hahaha lol@ purple.

No prizes for guessing 'who' must have written tat.

Mathai said...

lol @ purple, yeah much "cheaber" than Dubai :D
johnyboy :D

Grey said...

Now thats ferry ferry good brize ,

Mathai said...

grey : ferry cheap brize lol

Anonymous said...

the classic is walking into a grocery and saying -

'jeeb wahab bebsi* wa wahad bolo*'

* pepsi and polo mint

Negooshi said...

Ahhhhh African Beaches, a place I long for!

Africa, oh boy. I rebember vhonce vhen I vas dhere. Vhere dhe beauDipul shore vas vashed by dhe vawes(waves). I vhent vishing and caughd a lod of vish, my vive(wife) cooked dem for me wid curry! *shakes head*

Just kidding!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been to this Korean restuarant in Maidan Hawally? Any reviews?

Mathai said...

purple, no reviews of that place, but you can call them to reserve a seat or keep watching my blog and I'll post a review as soon as i visit them.

Telephone: (965) 563-4200 to
563-4765 Ext: 315

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mathai.. mom-in-law chickened out as my description of 'kimchi' sort of sent a shiver down her.. ..thanks God for good old chicken tikka!!
the staple diet for the well travelled mallu !

Mathai said...

purple; try this place

your inlaws will love it ! ask for spicy version. ;)

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