Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mix with WHAT ???

My wife received a package from India recently, it was a new Herbal facepack thats being advertised in all the major cable channels. I was sitting near her having my evening tea as she was unpacking it and reading the instructions when I heard her surprised sound. When I asked her what it was she handed over the instruction leaflet and asked me to see what they recommend mixing it with.

I just took one look at it and burst out laughing, then I asked her if shes actually gonna do it and when I saw the look on her face I laughed my guts out ! Both of us were like "EWWW!!!!" I laughed so hard I was crying !

Needless to say shes sticking with milk and honey as mixing mediums. :)


Negooshi said...

They should sell you a ready product with its own urine bag. They've ripped you off!

Anonymous said...

exactly ! be thankful they gave you a choice.. imagine it came all ingredients included !!!!

wonder what oil of olay and the likes contain!!

Jonyboy said...

Negooshi, lol@they've ripped you off.

Purple lol@ imagine if it came with all ingredients included.

Thank God I dont use those stuffs....coz I'm naturally handsome.....wink.

chikamammi said...

Hmm.. At least one could use her own pee! On oprah, I saw that exfoliating - wash thing made from bird poop!

mario said...

So... urine = honey? Better not buy honey from the same people ;)

Anonymous said...

mario - if it is urine from a diabetes patient, then u get xtra sweet honey !! ... but that will cost you more !

Anonymous said...

I hear camel's pee is good for hair. Though it has to be warm, which means you better be right under the camel's ass when it pees. I'm not kidding!
I would rather deal with pimples and bad hair over urine.

Mathai said...

LOL @ all the comments !
I dont think the models in the commercial would've read the instructions or they wouldnt be so happy ! :D
still cant stop laughing !

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