Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from Bombay

I'm back in Kuwait after a quick trip to Bombay and Cochin. Since I was in Bombay for a specific reason there really wasnt much time to spend visiting all the popular spots in the city. We went on a one day guided tour of the city called 'Bombay Darshan'. Here's a list of the places included in the tour.

Gateway of India
Taj Hotel
Nehru Science and Technology center
Prince of Wales Museum
Jehangir Art Gallery
Taraporewala Aquarium
Hanging Garden
A '4D' movie screening and finally
Juhu Beach

Some scenes from the tour...

Gateway of India

Gateway of India

The Taj Hotel

Hanging Gardens

Modern Art


chikapappi said...

that's y you were quiet.. welcome back! This modern art thing I don't get, infusion of a god + the speakers thing?! :$ looks like it..

Anonymous said...

lucky bloke - how was cochin??? did u go on a seafood orgy in Fort Kochi.. nothing to beat downing a couple spicy shrimps with a bottle of kingfisher !
or maybe having the meals at Grand Hotel !

Mathai said...

Chika: yeah I took a short break ! I was thinking the same thing.. maybe hes the God of Music ! lol

purple: Cochin was grand, had a nice time, nice food and lots of beer. Check out my post on seafood on cochin :) Enjoy !

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