Saturday, February 21, 2009

Driving in Kuwait

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This post is dedicated to all drivers in Kuwait. As many of you know, Kuwait has one of the highest rates of auto accident related deaths in the world and the driving style of the people here doesn't make it any better. Here's some tips I've come up with from my two years of experience of driving in Kuwait.

1. Seat belts save lives, but you have to use it properly. Wrapping the belt around your seat and buckling it may stop that annoying buzzer but it wont stop you from getting killed.

2. Feet off the dashboard ! Most people drive automatics here but that's not a reason to hike up one foot on the dash.

3. Red light means STOP !! yes it really does contrary to what many people here think.

4. Emergency lanes are for emergencies, not for morons who're running late and want to get to work on time by jumping ahead of others.

4. Sidewalks are for Human Beings not automobiles ! This is something I see on a regular basis on my way to work. Idiots with huge SUVs climb onto the sidewalk and then happily drive to the next traffic signal while we're all stuck in traffic.

5. Children in the back seat. Carrying your two year old in your lap while you're at the wheel racing along at 120 kmph is really not the way you should be driving. Once again this is a common sight in Kuwait. Use a baby seat if you want to transport children too small to use the seat belt.

6. Tailgating is not a sport. I hate those people who follow me within inches of my rear bumper and then expect me to magically make way for them even thought the lane next to me is full.

I hope this list is helpful to at least half of the brain dead drivers out there. But then.. if you had half a brain you wouldnt need these tips would ya ? :)


nibs said...

Couldn't have stated better. !

Mathai said...

yeah I get so pissed off when the see the driving here ! X(

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