Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Buy We Fry

This is the motto of the fishermen and street vendors as they sell the day's catch. All you have to do is select your fresh fish, then a guy from one of the neighboring food stalls comes to you and cooks it just the way you like it.

Since I bought Tiger prawns I didnt want him to drown its natural flavor in a heap of spicy masala so I asked him to grill it with some garlic and chilies. My brother commented that it was the best prawns he'd ever had and I must agree.

Tiger prawns

The cook

They were delicious and we quickly finished them off. Be on the look out for cats near your tables as you sit down to enjoy your meal. :)


chikapappi said...

awww the kittty!!! Awww! :/

Damnit that shrimp looks good!

Anonymous said...

Hehe the cat looks rather pissed. Didn't you share? tsk, tsk

Manal said...


looks yummy

Jonyboy said...

Ohhhh.....amchi Mumbai....!!!

Brings back sweet memories.

Welcome back Mat.

Mathai said...

chika: but those are really sly hungry kitties.. :D yes that shrimp was excellent !

byteofcoffee: no i didnt share NO WAY ! lol

Manal: yummy is not the word !

Jonyboy: are you from Mumbai ? it was my first proper visit to that city. Its good to be back, thanks Jony :)

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