Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In and around Cochin

After my visit to Bombay I stayed in Cochin city for a few days before my return to Kuwait. Although I'm from the state of Kerala I've never really stayed in other districts besides Trivandrum for a long duration of time. I had about 3 days to explore Cochin but finally just spent a day doing some actual sight seeing. My brother and I went out to see Fort Cochin and its surrounding areas. First thing.. theres no Fort in "Fort Cochin" , I asked around but no one had a clue about the name ! ( maybe some of my readers can shed some light on it)

Things of Interest in Fort Cochin;

1. Chinese fishing nets [link]

These are land based nets that work on a lever and counter-weight system, very ingenious !

2. Anchor from a Dredger used by the British

3. Fresh sea food


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