Monday, May 18, 2009

D60 vs H5

A lot of people have asked me about upgrading from a point and shoot to a DSLR and the most often asked question is.. "is it worth spending all that money on a camera?" After using the D60 for a couple of months my answer is "HELL YEAH!!" An SLR provides much more than a P&S in terms of controls and expandability and plus theres lesser noise at higher ISOs and I can shoot in RAW!

On the other hand there are quite a few features that I miss on the D60 that I previously enjoyed on the H5. I've made a list of the features I have now and the ones I'm missing

I have:
. Amazing response and zero flash recharge lag
. Lots of lens options from Nikon and other third parties like Sigma and Tamron
. Hot shoe for external flash
. Solid build quality
. Full manual controls
. Less noise at higher ISO speeds
. RAW image shooting
. Faster burst mode

I dont have:
. Live view (available only on more expensive models like the D90)
. Exposure bracketing
. Depth of field preview
. Live histogram
. Video recording

Some of the features on this list are now available on the newly released Nikon D5000


Rayboy said...

Sadly... its greek to me. But its good, that you are improving into it much more as time goes by.

Bu Yousef said...

Comparing an SLR and a point an shoot is like comparing a beautiful sports car - with a lemon!

Mathai said...

Rayboy: Yeah I'm quite comfortable with my SLR now and learning to maximize its potential

Bu Yousef: LOL ! exactly !! but I still have people asking me how it compares to a P&S :(

Abid said...

I really want to buy a DSLR but no money right now :(

The only thing I'll miss is Live view.

Exposure bracketing - I rarely use; I just change the exposure manually and reshoot.

Depth of field preview - my camera doesn't have it.

Live histogram - camera doesn't have it.

Video recording - I am very much against using a digicam for video recording; that's what the camcorder is for.

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