Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yahoo MSN merger

I get many of these prize email every week and since I'm already a multi-millionaire thanks to the good people of Nigeria and Somalia, I've decided to give away the prize to my loyal readers. Please send them an email with your details and claim the money.

Click on the picture to enlarge

The subject line of this mail is what got my attention. The unthinkable has finally happened and both Yahoo and MSN have joined forces.


Grey said...

ROFL ! send them mail ! i did once, i told him i was on my Way to Ghana and would meet him at some 5star hotel, bugger stopped reply after that !

razaldo said...

You are a millionaire !!!!

You are my new best friend :P

Mathai said...

Grey: yeah thats one way to stop them, lol !

razaldo: lol ! :)

Rayboy said...

Mathai: these are easy to drop. i fell into a major problem recently over a directory listing. where they said, they are listing my website for free, and then later said, i have to pay some 1000 Euros for it.

Mathai said...

Ray: 1000 Euros?? what a ripoff !

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