Friday, August 07, 2009

Latha - Sri Lankan restaurant

I was only recently initiated into the world of Sri Lankan Cuisine at this place called Latha in Kuwait City. Its in Qibla right next to Ashraf & Co. and Caesar's restaurant. Its a small place divided into 2 floors with the ground floor mainly for tea and snacks while the top floor is for dining.

We had Sri Lankan rice meals and Kothu-Idi-appam (rice noodles with shredded meat, chicken and fish) The rice comes with an assortment of curries and fried veggies all very tasty and have that 'home cooked' feeling which every expat longs for.

Personally I liked the Kothu-Idi-appam for its spiciness and flavor and their pickled dried anchovies. Another one of my favorites here are the 'short eats' available in the evenings, they're basically fried pastries with a variety of stuffings like chicken, beef, fish and vegetable.

Phone: 2461157


Abid said...

Looks delicious!

Elegant Chic said...

Looks delicious!

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