Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shooting Flora and Fauna

During the course of my vacation I shot a little over 500 frames and am still sorting thru most of it. Here are some of my favorites. Click on the pictures to see them in larger size.


Grey said...

nice , berry naice !

mario said...

nice ones! i especially like the one of that squirrel by the gate!

Prasanna Sherigar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prasanna Sherigar said...

excellent photos

Elegant Chic said...

Good that monkey didnt notice you clicking ;)

Bu Yousef said...

Nice shots... Favourites: 3 flowers and the grasshoppers.
Well done.

Mathai said...

Grey: thanks !

mario: he was happily eating some nuts

Prasanna: thanks man !

Elegant Chic: It didnt see me as I was using a zoom lens from a distance :)

Bu Yousef: thanks, those are my favs too !

DLC said...

Hi Mathai..
Awesome pics.. love the closeup shots
Which lens were u using??

Mathai said...

Thanks, closeups shot with my 18-55mm VR, the others were with 55-200mm VR

Abid said...

Flower shot is very nice!

Good stuff!

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